Only when I became a Christian then I understood that everything I got such as skills, talents, knowledge, life, freedom, the strength you name it; is all given by God. I also learned that I have to share what I have or teach what I know to others FOR FREE especially to the brethren in the end-time church of Christ for the glory of God. Most of all, I learned to acknowledge God and thank Him for all the blessings I received and challenges I overcame where I gain wisdom.

When I wasn’t a Christian yet, I only have few talents such as drawing and … … mmm? I think that’s it!!! But, when I became part of the Church of God, many things had changed and I am so grateful for what God has done in my life.
In the church, I could do the things I love doing and the interest of mine are being utilized in here such as photography, videography, singing, researching, planning and more. There are so many things I can do which to others might be really demanding tasks because church activities really require your time, effort and skills/ talents but fortunately, I learned the secret “enjoy it, love it and soon God will bless me (both spiritually & materially)”

Source: Everything is From God – talking about talents